Greenhawk Private Capital

Shaping the future together

Private Capital
Greenhawk seeks to grow wealth by making strategic investments in the private markets. We take a long-term view on investments and focus on what will give us the best absolute return over the next decade and beyond.

Private Equity

We focus on fund and co-investments across a variety of sectors and geographies. We invest in top managers who have a demonstrated track record and strategy specific expertise. We strive to build long-term and strategic relationships with managers who are well aligned to delivering consistent returns through multiple cycles.

Venture Capital

We invest in high performing and access constrained early stage funds led by exceptional teams. We look to partner with both emerging and established managers alike and leverage our operating expertise in areas including supply chain/logistics, real estate, and other enterprise B2B technologies.

Our goal is to build strategic relationships as a collaborative and value-add LP, particularly with managers who complement our direct investing activities or extend co-investment opportunities.

Select Co-Investments

Direct Investments

We also make direct investments in early stage enterprise software companies through the Greenhawk Capital fund. We look for companies led by high quality management teams with capital efficient business models and significant competitive moats. Our advantage is the ability to invest without fund mandates or constraints, and we place a premium on taking a long-term position and being a flexible capital partner.